Resources for Summer 2020

Aspen Science Center

Two descriptive lists of ways parents can encourage and support science and engineering exploration at home, published by the Foundation for Family Science & Engineering. In English and Spanish.

A Learning Environment for Science (English & Spanish)

Exploring Engineering at Home – Tips for Parents and Other Adult Caregivers (English & Spanish)

Two publications, Family Science and Family Engineering: An Activity & Event Planning Guide, full of hands-on activities designed for parents and children to explore science and engineering together. English and Spanish.

Award-winning WGBH program and online resource for Pre-school age learners and their caregivers. In English and Spanish 

Explore engineering as a family! These activities promote team work, critical thinking and problem solving.

Fun hands-on activities designed specifically for encouraging girls to explore STEM… but works for kids of all genders and ages. Carnegie STEM Girls. 

Another reliable source of activities and resources for girls and other engineering inclined youth. Techbridge Girls @ Home. 

Science-related news stories that interest and appeal to kids (and adults) of all ages. Science News for Students.