ASC’s Intern-Educator (IE) Program attracts the best high-school students in the valley. IEs are trained in science topics, education, working with youth, and general social-emotional life skills. IEs help with program logistics and delivery, and are also tasked with developing new science activities for youth. Our IEs are paid for their work, and are an integral part of delivering our programs in addition to the valuable education and experience that they receive.

Our 2019 Intern-Educator Class filled up with a Record 14 Students!

If you know of a bright, curious, science-minded, high-school student, encourage them to apply today! To apply, contact ASC at email hidden; JavaScript is required. More information about the requirements and program details can be found here. (Students must be aged 16 or over by registration.)

The 2019 Intern-Educator class was the largest ever, with 14 IEs, including 4 returning from 2018, which speaks to the high quality of the program.

The IEs receive multiple benefits from this program:

  • Learn about new areas of science, and how to communicate them to audiences of kids and adults;
  • Create and deliver their own scientific lesson/demonstration;
  • Hone their skills as a teacher and presenter;
  • Meet professional scientists, mathematicians, and engineers;
  • Get hands-on experience setting up, running, and tearing down events;
  • Work in a supportive team environment where they can build friendships and long-term working relationships;
  • Learn about time and task management

Our Intern-Educators go places!

The ASC IE program looks great on a college application. But more importantly, our IEs go on to do great things!

  • Rhodes Scholarship Finalists (‘13 graduate)
  • Boettcher Scholarship Winner (‘16 graduate)
  • Boettcher Scholarship Winner (‘17 graduate)
  • Boettcher Scholarship Finalist (‘18 graduate, award status pending)
  • Early Admission to Princeton (’18 graduate)

Beyond the benefits to the IEs themselves, there is a much greater impact on the community and ASC overall. Aspen Science Center offers the public a wide variety of educational, science-themed programs throughout the summer.  Our Summer Interns play a large and crucial role in each of these programs. In fact, we could not possibly deliver our slate of summer programs without our IEs. Because of this, the IEs directly impact thousands of youth who attend our programs.

Meet the 2018 Intern-Educators

Ben, Junior, Basalt High School. My favorite subjects are science and math. I love singing in the Chamber Choir, and I had a role in this year’s student musical, Seussical. In the spring I run track, and this summer in addition to being an ASC Intern Educator, I’m also caddying at the Roaring Fork Club. I’m looking forward to getting to know the other interns, getting out into the community, and helping kids learn about science!



Charlotte, Junior, Aspen High School. I am so excited to be a part of the Intern-Educator Program. I was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, and I have two older sisters. My favorite thing to do is play sports. I play ice hockey, lacrosse, and volleyball, and I also like to surf and ski. I enjoy cooking and baking and love spending time outside with my family and friends. I applied for the Intern-Educator program to explore my interests and to learn more about science. I also love working with kids whether it’s teaching them or coaching them in hockey or lacrosse. I hope to have a lot of fun this summer while learning a lot and meeting new people!


Donovan, Senior, Aspen High School. I have been interested in math for as long as I can remember, and more recently have become intrigues by sciences. Currently, my favorite subjects are calculus, biology, and physics. In addition to academics, I am a full-time gymnast, training five days every week. This is my 9th year doing it and my second year competing level 10. I chose to apply for the ASC Intern-Educator position because I have always wanted to share my love of science and math and hopefully encourage others to feel strongly about the subjects as well.


Itzel, Junior, Basalt High School. At Basalt High School, I participate in a number of clubs and activities. Such activities include fall softball; Student Council, where I represent the class of 2020 as Vice President; Key Club, where I participate in a number of community service opportunities; and Pre -Collegiate, a program for first-generation college students. I am also an advocate of Women in STEM, as I have attended my school’s STEM program for the past two years. I applied to be an Intern-Educator for the Aspen Science Center because not only do I love science, but I am also very passionate about giving back to my community.


Megan, Senior, Basalt High School. This is my second year as an Aspen Science Center Intern-Educator. My deeply rooted passion for science started as early as fifth grade​ in earth science classes. ​I hope to study Environmental Law and Computer Science in college. Aside from academics, I want to pave a way for future female scientists. The Aspen Science Center has given me a powerful platform to not only propel young girls into science, but also to be a voice for Women in STEM.  This year I co-founded the Environmental Club at Basalt High School with the mission to grow awareness of environmental issues in our community and initiate greener practices at Basalt High School. Alongside of Environmental Club, I am also a member of National Honor Society, Key Club, and the Buddy Program. I run for the Basalt High School’s Cross Country and Track Team as well.


Nat, Junior, Rocky Mountain High School. I am most interested in space and computer science, however I like to learn about other areas of science as well. I enjoy fixing and riding mountain bikes and working with computers. At Colorado Rocky Mountain School, I helped relocate a mating pair of ospreys to a better nest. I applied for the Aspen Science Center Intern-Educator program because I have had a great experience with this organization throughout my childhood (Physics For Kids BBQs, etc.) and because I enjoy teaching science to kids. Through this program, I hope to improve my communication and teaching skills


Oliver, Senior, Park School of Baltimore. I came to the Aspen Science Center because I hold a passion for teaching. I actually live in Baltimore through the year; back home I provide mathematical games to classes of second graders, I invent and teach a geometry curriculum to a third grade student, and I invent and teach a proof-based number theory curriculum to a sixth grade student on a weekly basis. Aside from teaching, I am also the president of my school’s robotics team, and I enjoy playing the piano. This is my second year as an Intern-Educator.


Victoria, Senior, Glenwood Springs High School. I’ve lived in Glenwood Springs my entire life.  If I had my way in life, I would get a degree in aerospace engineering with a minor in geology and become an astronaut in the Mars program.  Until then, I’ll just have to keep running on the Glenwood track team, studying physics, and teaching kids science through this internship. Fortunately, both those things further my goal, especially my involvement with the Aspen Science Center. Keeping science alive is a priority for me, and this organization has allowed me to aid in the pursuit of that goal. This is my second year as an Intern-Educator.


Will, Graduated Senior, Aspen High School. About 500 people attended the Aspen Science Center’s Summer Science Fair last year. Throughout the day I was able to watch as children huddled around a dry ice bubble experiment. Stepping to the side, I looked on as the interns masterfully led the children in technical discussions about why expanding carbon dioxide gas filled the bubbles floating in the air. This connection of science to fun is exactly how I found my love of science with my first flight. As I went on to earn my pilot’s certificate, I was able to further connect science to my life. I wanted to come back to the Aspen Science Center for a third year to reach more children by making science even more enjoyable and exciting. I will be attending University of Colorado Bolder in the fall.


We are seeking sponsors to “adopt” our Intern-Educator for 2018! Your support helps us pay and support the IEs with training, supplies and, most importantly, their wages for the summer. You will have the opportunity to meet with your adopted IE throughout the summer, and learn what they have been doing.

We have 9 IEs for 2018. Sponsorship is $1,500 per IE for the year.