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At Aspen Science Center, our goal is to develop events and programs that cultivate critical thinking, STEM skills, and illustrate how science can be used to better understand our world.

Aspen Science Center Cancels 2020 Summer Programs

As a result of the continued uncertainties regarding health and safety due to COVID-19, the strong recommendations from the scientific community for continued strict distancing and other health-focused restrictions, and the hands-on nature of the Aspen Science Center’s programs and events, the ASC has made the difficult decision to cancel its full roster of 2020 summer program offerings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create and look forward to returning next summer with all of our signature hands-on programs. The ASC has now shifted its attention to the continued development of our exciting collection of STEM education resources designed specifically for Pre-school and Elementary age youth and their families. These programs will be re-launched throughout the Roaring Fork Valley in the fall of 2020 once schools are back in session. We look forward to interacting with you all then!
Fee-based income accounts for about 25% of the ASC’s annual budget, and summer program fees make up 60% of the ASC’s fee-based income for the year. Cancelling these offerings will put a significant strain on the organization’s finances, making donor support even more important to the future success of the ASC. If you are able to do so, please consider making a contribution to the Aspen Science Center at this time. Click on one of the “Donate” links on our website to make an online donation or mail your check to:
Aspen Science Center  PO box 4669  Aspen, CO 81612
We appreciate your support, especially now!
Please enjoy a safe and healthy summer and keep listening to what the scientists have to say!

If you are seeking fun, reliable STEM education resources for your family during the summer, go to our Resources page for tip sheets for parents and links to a few of our favorite resources. Enjoy!