he STEAM Room is a FREE exploration and experimentation space for kids of all ages! It is a place where kids can come and have fun “playing with science,” exploring topics that they are interested in and discovering new ones. If you enjoyed our Science Sundays last year, this will be similar to those but with more things to do! The STEAM Room is currently a operated on a temporary basis in different location when and where we are able to get donated space.

The Aspen Science Center would like to thank the community and especially Mark Hunt for making our inaugural STEAM Room @Crystal Palace such a smashing success! During the winter of 2016, the STEAM Room was open to the public for 17 days, and we had over 1,200 individuals through our doors for over 1,600 visits (all free of charge), accommodated 14 field trips covering over 500 youth, and hosted several birthday parties, fundraisers, speaker series, and other community events.  This is just a small example of what the ASC can do when we have a venue from which to operate, even if temporary.

A dozen or more Experimentation Stations let participants explore different aspects of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. These stations are be open for self-guided play during operating hours. Kids can play with the toys in an unstructured format, or can be guided through specific activities by volunteers and staff.

The topics presented at the Experimentation Stations change over time, depending on popularity and availability. These are some of the initially stations:

  • Car and tracks: Kids build Lego cars that they design and then race down a track to see who can build the fastest Lego car in the valley! The cars can also be modified with a sail, and raced across flat ground powered only by the wind.
  • Boats and rivers: Kids build sailboats which they then attempt to sail on our custom-built river table! The table can also be transformed into a river with flowing water, adding another dimension of challenge, and allowing kids to play with hydrology and erosion.
  • The Circuit Circuit: Kids learn about electronics by playing with Snap Circuits, featuring electrical components that easily snap together to form circuits that light up, make noise, shoot discs, form AM radios, and many more projects!
     – Basic circuits: learn about electrical components and what they do, and how they can be put together to create circuits.
     – Green energy: play with solar cells, wind generators and other components of renewable energy.
     – Sound and light: create circuits that create and detect sound and light.
     – Motion: motors, gears, relays and other devices are used to create circuits that move.
  • Big Blue Blocks: Large foam blocks in various shapes provide younger kids the opportunity to create structures and learn spatial relationships and basic mechanics.
  • Lego Land: Thousands of Lego pieces await the creativity of our future engineers. Kids can play at their own pace, or work on completing projects in the following areas
    – Basic mechanics, levers, pulleys
    – Gears and motors
    – Renewable energy
    – Pneumatics and pistons
  • Marble Madness: Younger kids to learn about simple mechanics and gravity as they build marble tracks out of wooden building components
  • The Micro World: Several microscopes allow kids to explore the world of the miniature, from everyday objects to professionally prepared specimens, as they try to figure out what the secret object of the day is!
  • The Zomes Zone: Kids of all ages enjoy building structures with Zomes! See who can build the tallest tower, and explore the world of bubbles and soap surfaces that are created by different shapes.
  • Art World: Explore the interaction of art and science with activities like the sand pendulum, Shrinky Dinks and more.

In addition to the Experimentation Stations, we have additional activities and contests available at different times. Who can build the strongest bridge? Keep a paper airplane in the air the longest? Build the tallest tower out of Zomes? Stop by and look for these special events and contests.

Hours of operation

  • The STEAM Room is currently closed, awaiting a new location!

Admission policies

  • There is no charge for admission, donations are accepted.
  • All children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. A maximum of four children per adult are allowed.
  • An emergency contact is required for all youth under 18.
  • All attendees must read and agree to a code of conduct.
  • Arrangements must be made for all youth to be out of the premises by closing time each day.