Aspen Science Center



he Sixth Annual Science Street Fair will be held on Sunday, August 6, 2017 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in Paepcke Park in Aspen, CO. It will be a non-stop program of interactive exhibits, experiments, games, and shows designed to entertain and inspire. This is event is FREE and open to the public, no tickets are needed, just stop by!

Science stage performers like Dr. Kaboom! and Mr. Freeze will perform hourly.

Past exhibitors include: Aspen Science Center Interns, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Aspen 3D Printing, Aspen Aerospace Aeronautics, Aspen the Dinosaur, Aspen School District Robotics, Ball Aerospace, Betty Hoops, CMC Isaacson School of Media Virtual Reality, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado Soil Systems, Family Science & Engineering Foundation, Ilan Chabay’s Frozen Bubbles, John McConnell Math & Science Center, LIGO, Mr. G, Pinhead Institute, Pitkin County Library, Roaring Fork Conservancy, Stryker Orthopedics, Three Rivers Astronomy Club, Michael Stranahan’s Zomes

Dr. Kaboom!

Doktor Kaboom is an over the top German physicist with a passion for science that knows no bounds. Sporting chrome goggles, orange lab coat, motorcycle boots, and wicked cool hair, Doktor Kaboom travels the world, thrilling adults and children alike with an explosive comedic style that is guaranteed to please every crowd. His improvisational skill promises no two shows will ever be the same, and his character driven comedy will entertain audiences of every age. Nothing says science like KABOOM!

Mr. Freeze 

Mr. Freeze (aka Jerry Zimmerman) went to college at Northern Illinois University majoring in Physics. For ten years he worked in the Aerospace Industry at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado. Projects he worked on included COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) and DOD Infrared Telescope. He has been working at Fermilab for the past 20 years on new detector research and machine design. As a volunteer, he has been doing Cryogenic shows for schools for the past 22 years and has been the Mr. Freeze of Fermilab since 1997, giving shows to about 40 schools/ organizations and 5 thousand kids per year to encourage them to get excited about science. Fermilab has sponsored the Mr. Freeze Demonstrations since the 1970’s.

Past Events

The 2015 Aspen Science Festival – Science Street Fair will be Sunday August  9, 2015

On August 9, 2015 the Aspen Science Festival – Science Street Fair will be held in Paepcke Park. It will be a non-stop program of interactive exhibits, experiments, games, and shows designed to entertain and inspire.

On Stage Dr. Kaboom will return again this year and The Dance Scientist will explore and amaze with his special brand of science. There will 24 exhibits that cover all areas of science.

In previous years you could watch your brain waves or pull DNA strands from strawberry. Others powered electrical device by riding a bike or explored the erosion cased by water as it ran down mountain slopes. Some participants had the opportunity to explore the law of mechanics and electricity and some participants made lava lamp. There was even the opportunity to learn about relativity and gravity waves.

This year’s exhibitors will bring back the best of the best of the past along with many brand new exhibits.