Science and Art

Aspen Science Center



Art, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Science, they say is objective. What happens when the two meet? Join us as we explore the intersection of art and science, in partnership with some of the valley’s leading art organizations! Check back, as we are working on workshops with Rosybelle Mobile Maker Bus and others!

Patterns in Art with Anderson Ranch

Join us for this special, one-day Spring Break workshop in collaboration with Anderson Rance! At the intersection of art and science, we’ll observe patterns that exist in nature, and manipulate patterns in order to create art. Learn how science can inspire and improve artistic endeavors, and how you can explore scientific concepts as an artist. You’ll use scientific skills to learn about the behavior of materials, and apply what you discover toward creating. Together we’ll investigate patterns that show up when a pendulum swings, or in how the properties of light affect your art, then we’ll design, paint, and build products that may surprise you. Find out what you can invent when you blend the creativity of an artist and a scientist! More information here.

Tuition: $85 Preregistration strongly encouraged – Please call Katherine Bell at (970) 924-5044 or email her at

Located at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in the Siegel Children’s Building.


Reimagine Your World with Aspen Art Museum

Ages 6 – 8

What would E = MC2 look like as a painting? Find out in this workshop where arrangements of carefully selected materials will represent an artful science. Balanced compositions and unique assemblages will emerge from readymade objects such as dinner plates, neon tubes, and soda cans. A new world will unfold through the beauty of artistic equations! More details here.

For registration and scholarship information: , 970.925.8050 ext. 133
Scholarships available.