Aspen Science Center



very winter, elite teams of the most accomplished physicists in the world head to the Winter Conferences of the Aspen Center for Physics to wrestle with the most cutting-edge questions in their fields.  This always means something special for students, teachers, and science enthusiasts!  Why? Because the world’s pre-eminent physicists share their insights with the public at the Physics Cafes and Winter Lectures.

The ASC has created a family-friendly, fun, and informal pre-lecture gathering, where everything is accessible to the bright middle schooler on up — from the food, to the physicists, to the informal conversations. The Physics Cafes are designed to bring the thrill of exploration, the joy of discovery, and the excitement of sharing big ideas (and cookies) to every student, adult, and family in the Roaring Fork Valley!

These events are on Wednesdays at 4:30PM at the Wheeler Opera House, before the Aspen Center for Physics DeWolf Lecture. Café goers have a chance to hear young physicists share their expertise and talk about how they got to where they are in their careers.  Participants then have a chance to ask informal questions and chat with these eminent physicists not only about their Workshop topic, but any topic from string theory to their favorite happy hour spot in Aspen. Not only is it a wonderful experience in itself, it is the perfect warm up for those who want to acquire the rich context that will enhance their appreciation of the lectures that follow.

Our Physics Cafes run from January through March. These events are free and no tickets are required.

Schedule for 2018. All events 5 to 7pm

  • July 27, Element Hotel, Basalt
  • July 4,  NO BBQ for the holiday
  • July 11, Aspen Center for Physics
  • July 18, Aspen Center for Physics
  • July 25, Aspen Center for Physics
  • August 1, Aspen Center for Physics
  • August 8, Aspen Center for Physics
  • August 15, Waldorf School, Carbondale