My son is in your preschool program at Blue Lake. He always comes home very excited on the days when there is science. Thank you! (3/15/18)

Our grandkids had a blast at the Science Sunday yesterday. Many thanks!(5/7/18)

Dear Skippy and Calvin,

Wowzas, what a fun day!

Thank you both very much for setting up and running our STEAM Room field trip. The kids learned a bunch, giggles continued throughout our day, stories are eagerly being shared with friends and parents, and we’re sure that you’ll have multiple repeat customers from the Aspen Community School!

Many thanks, again. The Aspen Science Center has done a wonderful job of sharing that Crystal Palace space with inquisitive young scientists. Enjoy the remainder of your installation!

– Kristina, Casey, and the ACS 1-2 class

To the Aspen Times:

Recently we had the opportunity to take Jackie Caputo’s Sopris Elementary School fifth-grade class to the Aspen Science Center. What an awesome place! There were so many fun science activities for the students to do. They could build a marble run, create an electric circuit to make a fan spin, investigate different items under a microscope and build a Lego car to race down a track. The most popular station for our group was where the students used various materials to build boats and/or cars to test out how wind can move them on the provided track or water lane. There were several other activities available, also. One thing’s for sure: This class didn’t get bored! The Aspen Science Center is available for school groups as well as individual exploring on Wednesdays and Sundays. Go have a blast!

Glenwood Springs

Mike, David –

You kindly gave my son the chance to volunteer at the Science Center last summer. He added that internship to his application for college and, happily, was accepted at his first choice – Carnegie-Mellon. They have great engineering and computer science programs there.

Thanks so much for giving him this opportunity. We won’t be in Aspen this summer, though we will likely be back next summer. I look forward to seeing you again then.

Very best regards,


Hello Keith,
I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the amazing evening you put on at BMS. Kids had a great time, and they came in a bunch today to tell me what they liked best. Your staff and students were wonderfully professional and patient and great with the kids, and Maya’s demonstration rocked. I’ll post pictures soon here on our Facebook Page. I’d love to hear what worked for you and what didn’t and how it could be improved next year.

Many thanks again for all your work and attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with you!

Best wishes,


David, We can’t thank you, Keith, and your delightful helpers enough for making the Aspen eclipse party such a great event. It was a community gathering – instructing and delighting people of all ages. I look forward to our continuing partnerships!

Thanks, Jennifer
Pitkin County Library

Good Morning Keith,

I just wanted to thank you two for coming and putting on a great presentation for the kids, we all loved it! We look forward to having you again.

Summer Camp Staff
Town of Snowmass Village

Hi David,

Last night’s Science of Cooking was such a fun way to have a delicious dinner.
I never knew exactly what went on in the cooking process, I was just dumb and happy and followed recipes. It’s much more interesting knowing what is going on and why it is happening.
Thank you so much for the invitation. We will definitely attend again and bring our friends.

And thank you for the cookies. Are you Mountain Valley Cookie Company?

Mike and I wish you a very Happy Holiday and a Happy Healthy New Year.


Hi Friends,

Last night I attended the Cooking School of Aspen at 305 E. Hopkins from 6:30 to 8:30 pm for an incredibly delicious 3 course dinner with wine pairings and fun science demonstrations about the food we ate. The scientists were from the Aspen Science Center and were so interesting. I also learned so much about “sous vide” cooking (a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and then placed in a water bath to ensure that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside and to retain the moisture. It was the best $110.00 I have ever spent.
The next gourmet dinner is on August 15th. I’m sorry I’ll be in San Diego at that time, or I’d go again and take a guest. I’m telling you about this delightful evening before it sells out because there is limited seating.

If you wish to attend on August 15th, I believe you should call either the Aspen Science Center at 970-923-2360 or the Cooking School of Aspen at 970-920-2002.

Hope you enjoy this and much as I did.

Mike and David, congratulations on a great evening. We were afraid #2 wouldn’t be as good as #1, but it was terrific and worth using as a model for future such evenings…and I hope there are many.

Would the chefs be willing to part with the first course papaya/tuna recipe?


Hi Keith,
Our campers and staff had a blast working with the Aspen Science Center in July, the kids were engaged and learning, it was awesome!
We definitely want to work with you again in the future, probably looking towards next summer, in the winter we are really ski and snowboard focused and don’t do other activities.
However, for next summer, we are looking at changing up some of our programing and I was wondering if you could tell how much he would charge for a full day of activities, we would only need 1 person and the activities, and it would most likely be part of a 3 day camp, with a limited number of campers, requiring pre-registration (so you would have an exact number of campers to expect.)

I wanted to thank you and the students for all the science fun!!! The kids loved it! This was the best year yet!! Thank you!!

Recreation Supervisor
Aspen Parks & Recreation