Aspen Science Center

Aspen Science Center is looking for a few good volunteers!

Do you have a passion for science? Maybe you were really good in a STEM subject in high school or college, like math, biology, physics, chemistry or computers, or even majored in one. Maybe you used to work in a STEM job. Maybe you are still in high school or college and looking to volunteer some hours to help promote science in the Roaring Fork Valley, and in our society more broadly. Maybe you are retired and enjoying life in the valley but looking to give a leg up to the next generation by volunteering. And maybe someone can finally show you how to get that app on your phone working!

Who would make a good volunteer?  Anyone with a few hours of free time and enthusiasm for Science! Volunteers do not need a science background, but should have an interest in learning (we will train you!) and conveying knowledge to our visitors, from preschoolers to adults.  Seniors, young professionals, college and high school students, and parents can all help! Pair up with a friend or meet new science enthusiasts while helping the Aspen Science Center. We are building a list of volunteers for events throughout the year, so let us know if you are interested in helping out!

For more information, please contact us at 970-236-2360 or email hidden; JavaScript is required