Aspen Magazine: Capturing Milky Way Moments

Even in the summer, it’s cold on top of Independence Pass in the middle of the night. But that doesn’t deter Joe Kyle from creating a world-class photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy. Over several months, Kyle spends more than 15 nights camped out on top of the pass, carefully focusing in on parts of the galaxy to get the more than 70  images he needs for one final photograph.

Aspen Times:  Science of Cooking Makes Aspen Debut

There’s a new star in the Aspen firmament: the brand new Science of Cooking hosted by the Aspen Science Center and Cooking School of Aspen.

Aspen Magazine:  Cooking Element

Culinary aptitude is sometimes called art. But for those who consider themselves more left-brained than right, there’s science. Sprinkle the ingredients of art and science on top of some comic relief and the result is the Science of Cooking…

Aspen TimesWeekly: Food Matters: Science Fare at Cooking School of Aspen

TO THE NAKED EYE, it’s a soup crock covered with a golden-brown cloak of puff pastry. To David Houggy, President of the Aspen Science Center, the flaky crust over each portion of saffron tomato bisque represents a mathematical formula: three to the sixth power.

Aspen Times: Giving Thought with Tamara Tormeleh

Not-so-fun fact: U.S. students currently rank 38th out of 71 countries in math achievement and 24th in science. Additionally, according to the Program for International Student Assessment, only 33 percent of our eighth-graders are rated “proficient” or “advanced” in math, and only 34 percent in science.

Aspen Magazine: Aspen Gives Back with Alan Klein

There is probably no better place to learn about the marvels of science than in Aspen. The Aspen Science Center is making an invaluable contribution to the development of critical and analytical thinking, and an overall appreciation of the scientific process in our children.

Post Independent: Aspen Science Center developing program for preschools throughout the Roaring Fork Valley

Is preschool too early to expose children to science? Absolutely not, according to Aspen Science Center President David Houggy. “If you watch a 3-year-old, they are natural scientists,” Houggy said.


Aspen Times: Aspen Science Center STEAM Room opens at Crystal Palace

American kids are behind in math and science compared with many other developed nations, but a step inside Aspen’s Crystal Palace over the next several weeks shows how innovative thinking can make learning fun.

Aspen Times: Curiosity Wins the Day at Science Sunday

“What did I learn from the little kids today? To always be curious, so curious that I can play with kinetic sand for hours and hours, just like they did,” said Thomas, an Aspen Science Center intern and Aspen High School student, who spent May 2, as did five other interns, explaining a room full of cool science experiments to people of all ages at Jimmy’s restaurant in Aspen while encouraging them to play with science.

Skier Scribbler: Celebrating the Holidays with an Aspen Science Center Festival

Curious kids of all ages filled the Aspen Middle School cafeteria on December 10 where they crafted perfume through scientific bonding, shook bags filled with milk and ice to make ice cream, and decorated stockings, in celebration of science and the upcoming holidays.

Aspen Times: Building Wonder at Physics Cafe

Will dark matter slow down after it goes through a wall? Can it go right through the sun? Wouldn’t dark matter be plasma?The questions were neverending Wednesday night at the Aspen Science Center – the two astrophysicists could scarcely keep up with all the inquiring minds.