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Summer Schedule 2014


May 4 – Science Sundays at Jimmy’s, 12-4pm
May 11 – Science Sundays at Jimmy’s, 12-4pm
May 17 –Energetic Ed Day @ 3rd Street Center in Carbondale -10a-3p

May 18 – Final Science Sunday at Jimmy’s with cocktail party, 12-5pm


June 7 & 8 – EcoFest: booth with climate change science
June 14 – Lemonade Day
June 17 – Morning at the Senior Center – Technology lessons
June 17 – Afternoon at Pitkin County Library, 1-2pm
June 17 – Evening at Basalt Library,
June 19 – Science at Wildwood – 2p-3p
June 25 – Opening Wednesday BBQ  - Center for Physics Campus 5:00p-6:30p
June 25, 26, & 27 – Ideas Festival, Science of Fuel and Fitness (9am-4pm)


July 2 – Wednesday down valley BBQ –Colo. Rocky Mtn. School Campus 5:00p-6:30p
July 3 – Aspen City day camp - Science Mornings with Aspen Science Center 
July 9 – Wednesday BBQ -Center for Physics Campus 5:00p-6:30p
July 10 - Aspen City day camp - Mornings
July 16 – Cool Jobs BBQ - Center for Physics Campus 5:00p-6:30p
July 17 - Aspen City day camp – Science Mornings
July 17 - Tentative at Wildwood – 2p-3p
July 23 – Wednesday Down valley BBQ – Colo. Rocky Mtn. School Campus 5p-6:30p
July 24 - Aspen City day camp – Science Mornings
June 28 – National Science Council Dinner at Aguilar’s Observatory – 6p-10p
July 29 – Afternoon at Pitkin County Library, 1-2pm
July 30 – Wednesday BBQ - Center for Physics Campus 5:00p-6:30p
July 31- Aspen City day camp - Science Mornings


6th – Stargazing Event- Center for Physics Campus 7:30p 
August 7 - Aspen City day camp - Science Mornings
August 9 – Book signing and/or Cocktail Party (TBD)
August 10th – Sunday Street Fair – Paepcke Park  10am-4p
August 21st – Science @ Wildwood – 2p-3p

A New Home

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The Aspen Science Center is  announcing its interest in leasing the building that is currently the Aspen Art Museum for an Aspen Science Center and Museum.

The Aspen Science Center would use the facility
• As a center for informal education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).
• As a center to gather collaborating non-profit science and educational organizations in the Aspen Valley for joint projects and events. 
• As a center to hold a variety of educational events for the public, especially children.
• As a Museum of Science with hands-on displays for children of all ages.

Aspen Science Festival

The Aspen Science Festival is a summer long celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics  (STEAM) comprised of programs for kids up and down the valley in cooperation with various Valley institutions. The programs are deeply rooted in the Aspen Science Center’s mission to improve the public understanding of STEAM subjects and centered around our belief that STEAM education follows most effectively when kids have had the opportunity to experience the wonder of science first hand.

Currently our program is comprised of a Science Street Fair, a Stargazer Ice Cream Social, the Physics BBQ, Cool Jobs and the Down Valley Science BBQ.

The Aspen Science Festival begins with The World's Most Awesome Star Gazing Event The evening starts with ice cream made with liquid Nitrogen followed by stories of the stars and ending with star gazing of the Colorado night sky. June 28 on top of Aspen Mountain in colaboration with the Aspen Institute.

The Science Street Fair a daylong event that will be held this year on August 11, 2013 in Paepcke Park.   It will include hands on exhibits from the top universities and science establishments, local organizations and local educators and students.

Physics BBQs are held on the campus of the Aspen Center for Physics and start with a yummy BBQ followed by hands on experiments and a talk about science. 

Cool Jobs give kids the opportunity to hear first hand from people who are working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They will hear about the wonders of science that these people experience everyday on the job. July 10

The Down Valley Science BBQ is similar to the Physics BBQs but will be held down valley on a variety of STEAM subjects and will be multilingual in nature. July 24 at CRMS

Latest News and Events

Science Sundays @ Jimmy’s Restaurant;  205 S. Mill St.  - Upstairs

Posted on April 19, 2014

Science Sundays @ Jimmy’s Restaurant;  205 S. Mill St.  - Upstairs

        Active and Exciting Science Demos and Discoveries

                 May 4th, 11th and 18th -- 12 pm to 4 pm

       Register and specify below which dates you will be coming!

   Suggested donation $20 for adult $10 for children; Cocktail party 4-5pm on the 18th.

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Holiday Science Festival

Posted on January 12, 2014

On  Wednesday, December 18th  - 4:30pm to 7pm the ASC held it's first annual Holiday Science Festival. Approximately 120 to 130 people attended and 75% were  children ages 5-13.

Many Thanks to the core team: Jackie Francis, Mike Simmons, Peter Hanson, Georgina Levey, Caroline Hanson
We are also indebted to the follow for spreading the word: Allison Johnson, Debbie Patrick, Aspen Youth Center, Aspen Buddy Program, Aspen Education Foundation and Aspen Middle School
We could not have done it without our volunteers during the event: Ashley Lantes (youth center), Shannon Francis, Nathan Hanson, Margaret Simmons, Mirjam Rosner, Michael Stranahan
High school help – Michael George, Travis Mason, Shelby Zasacky, Juliette Pisano, Ryer Gardenswartz, Mac Cohen, James Bantis, Jessica Tyler, Hannah Kaufman, Jack Steed


Aspen Science Festival - Science Street Fair 2013

Posted on August 11, 2013

Science Street Fair is August 11, 2013

Once again nature blessed us with a beautiful day for our, all-day Science Festival  & Street Fair. The Festival featured a non-stop program of stage presentations, interactive exhibits, experiments, and games for kids of all ages, designed to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Many of the presenters from 2012 return again including  CalTech, University of Colorado, Colorado State University, Solar Energy International. In 2013 the street fair grew by 50% and more than 1500 people attended.


Cool Jobs & Family BBQ

Posted on July 4, 2013

Cool JObs

Cool Jobs gives kids the opportunity to hear first hand from people who are working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They will hear about the wonders of science that these people experience everyday on the job. July 10

WednesdayJuly 10, 2013  5:00 – 7:00 pm. BBQ starts at 5:00 pm. Program begins at 6:00 pm

Ian Miller - Paleontologist
Chris Lane – Environmental Engineer
Stephania Timothy - Surgeon
Michael Turner – Theoretical Cosmologist
Blair Art – Counterterrorism Engineer


Physics-is-for-kids BBQs 2013

Posted on June 17, 2013

Physics-is-for-kids BBQs 2013

You're Invited to the "Physics is for Kids" Family BBQs! This unique Wednesday night family Barbeque features a FREE outdoor picnic for families including a fascinating short talk by a noted physicist aimed at kids and their parents. Learn about science while eating your hamburger and chips! The Aspen Science Center's Physics-is-for-Kids BBQs is co-hosted with and is at the Aspen Center for Physics, 700 W. Gillespie Street, Aspen, CO 81611. Here is the schedule of speakers/experimenters. Wednesday Picnics begin -- 5:00-6:00 food and experiments, followed by a science talks

July 3 Jose Lorenzana Superconductivity and "perpetual motion"

July 17 Karen Hallberg

July 24 Ronen Plesser at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Why is the Sky Blue?

July 31 Assa Auerbach  Maxwell's Demon.

Aug 7 Daniel Sheehy


Aspen Science Center sponsors a car at NREL Model Car Competitions

Posted on April 24, 2013

NREL Model Car Competitions

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) hosts car competitions that race solar- and battery-powered model vehicles. Middle School teams from all around Colorado participate in this fun, educational, and exciting event every May. Teams work together building cars with guidance from a parent, teacher, or coach to compete in race and design categories. A "Spirit Award" is also presented to one team recognizing good sportsmanship.

Solar Roller RC cars bring out the eco-techno-maker-learner kid in all of us - and especially so for high schoolers. These custom-built creations are based on parts from 1/10 scale radio-controlled cars but use hand-soldered solar arrays to generate power. The result is a flat, wide, mercilessly efficient craft that can keep going nonstop until the sun sets. Envision your oven door traveling faster than you can sprint - throughout an hourlong race. Check it out.


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